Let Your Computer Monitors Get a Good Night’s Sleep, Too!

Many of the 7000 flat screen monitors at CPCC consume 20 watts while in the “ON” mode. An EASY programming change to put them to sleep can result in each monitor being “OFF” approximately 5500 hours per year (nights, weekends, holidays and school breaks). The electrical cost avoidance from 0.8 million fewer kWh being consumed because 7000 monitors are in sleep mode is over $50,000.

Go to the “START’ icon in the lower left corner of your screen and find “CONTROL PANEL,” then “POWER OPTIONS” then “WHEN TO TURN OF DISPLAY.” Select the minutes of inactivity that work for you and SAVE your changes!

monitors to sleep











The CPCC Director of Energy and Sustainability, Pam Metcalf, is engaged in facilities efficiency and energy awareness.  If you have suggestions, they can be emailed to Pamela.metcalf@cpcc.edu

Harper Power Outage on August 4th.

There is a planned power shutdown scheduled for CPCC’s Harper Campus this Saturday, August 4. This power shutdown will impact the Harper Campus bookstore, closing it for the weekend. During this period, students who are in need of bookstore assistance may visit any of CPCC’s other five campus bookstore locations. Locations and hours of operation may be viewed at http://cpcc.bncollege.com.