In the Event of an Emergency, What Should You Do?

CPCC’s Safe College team was created to assess various risks at the college and to help maintain a safe learning and working environment for CPCC’s staff and students. 

To help the college achieve this goal, the team members collaborated this past fall to create a “CPCC Emergency Procedures” poster, a visual aid that will be posted in all CPCC classrooms, buildings, digital kiosks and parking garages beginning December 2015. The rollout will take place in classrooms first.

The poster lists contact information and instructs staff and students on how to respond in the event of an emergency, such as a gas leak, fire, medical emergency or active shooter on campus.

As the poster project rolls out, Safe College encourages you to view a larger image of the poster here to familiarize yourself with its look and content, and thanks you in advance for taking an active role in keeping our college campuses safe and secure.