New Policy: No Overnight Storage in Levine Campus Lockers

As of noon on Friday, February 20, NO items may be left overnight in any of the Levine Campus lockers.  Locks left overnight on the doors of the lockers will be cut and all items removed. storage lockers
If you have any items in one of the men’s or women’s lockers on the first floor of Levine Building II, the lock and all items inside must be removed from the locker before noon on Friday, February 13. Any locks left on the lockers after noon on Feb 13 will be cut. Any items left inside the lockers will either be donated to Goodwill or put in the trash (depending on the condition of the item).
***  INSTRUCTORS:  If any of your students routinely use the lockers, please make them aware of this new policy and tell them about the Friday deadline to remove their personal belongings and locks.