Do You Need a Laptop? Need Internet Service

Affordable options are available, including inexpensive laptops in the bookstore, refurbished laptops, cheap internet, and free downloads.
Then in the left column, click on ‘Affordable Technology’
If you receive services through the Department of Social Services, please go to Single Stop, in Central High, Room 100, on Central Campus.
Affordable Technology may be available to CPCC students in the form of laptops, Internet and software downloads.

Affordable Technology

Do you need a laptop? Internet service? Microsoft Office or other software? Check out all of the Affordable Technology that CPCC makes available to students and staff. 

The Affordable Technology page has resources to help you connect to the internet at school and at home. CPCC now has Chromebooks for sale in the CPCC bookstore, which eligible recipients can purchase using Financial Aid once every two years. Allow 6 to 8 business days for delivery to main campus, 2 additional business days for satellite location delivery. The price of the CHROMEBOOK 11 3180 in the Barnes and Noble Bookstore on Central Campus is $294.98.

Free or low-cost devices may be available to students being served by the Department of Social Services. Single Stop will help you with the required sign up forms.