Don’t Blow Your Top, Recycle It

We all know the importance of recycling and the benefits it can have on our environment and now we can add one more item to the list, bottle and jar tops. That’s right, caps and lids can stay, but the containers should be empty and dry.

Until now, bottle caps and jar lids were placed in the trash for a variety of reasons; the recycling center does not accept them, they are made from a different type of plastic than the bottles themselves and could contaminate an entire batch of plastic if mixed in when being recycled, the processing equipment used could not separate the tops and lids from other types of plastic, and if left on the bottle, the tops could pop off creating a safety concern.

But now, we found that in the curbside recycling system we use, it’s ok for caps and lids to “ride along” in the recycling process. So, don’t blow your top, instead place it back on the empty, dry container to be recycled.

More information about recycling is available here.