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Message from Attorney General Josh Stein:

Asked to pay with a gift card? It’s a scam.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what is a scam and what isn’t. But here’s an easy one to figure out – if someone is asking you to pay using a gift card, it’s always a scam.

Gift cards are being used as part of several different scams, including IRSjury duty, and grandparent scams. When scammers ask for money or demand that you pay them, they’ll direct you to buy a set of gift cards. These gift cards can be for a range of stores or products, including Target, Best Buy, Sam’s Club, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play. Then, they’ll ask you to give them the gift card number and PIN information from the back of the card. Once they have that information, they can spend your money using the gift cards.

These scammers can be incredibly difficult to track down, so if you’re asked to buy prepaid gift cards to pay for anything, don’t make the purchase. Report it to our Consumer Protection Division by calling 1-877-5-NO-SCAM or by filing a complaint online

Levine Campus Navig8tor Program Extended Until Friday, March 21

We have extended the Levine Campus Navig8tor program until Friday, March 21 (Friday of the week following spring break).

NAVIG8TOR is Student Life’s newest student success program, designed solely to get you to the places on our campuses that are critical to your success. Perhaps you’ve heard about free tutoring on our campuses, but don’t know where they are? With NAVIG8TOR, we help you discover those locations, so you can see for yourself how each service can help you. And, a completed NAVIG8TOR card and survey enters you for a chance to win some fabulous prizes – gift cards, electronics and more!

Prizes include Blue Ray DVD Wireless Players, $250 Barnes & Noble College vouchers, Subway Gift Cards, $50 Gas Cards, Blue Tooth Speakers, 1 TB Portable Backup Storage Drives and much more.

Levine Campus Navig8tor

Levine Campus Navig8tor Program Extended Until Friday, March 21

NAVIG8TOR is currently underway. Start exploring now!