Instructions on How to View Course Delivery for Fall

Fall semester classes will begin on Aug. 10, and be taught in multiple formats – online, hybrid, blended, and face-to-face. (Hybrid and blended courses include both online and some face-to-face instruction.)

To determine if your classes are online, a mixture of online and in-person, or completely in-person, follow these steps:

  1. Log into MyCollege.
  2. Select ‘Student Planning.’
  3. Select ‘Go to Plan and Schedule.’
  4. Make sure the term at the top of this page says ‘Fall 2020.’
  5. Click on the ‘Print’ button.

This page will give you the clearest view of how your class will be delivered. You can print, print to PDF, or screen capture the schedule from a phone. Please note:

  • In the ‘Location’ column, if you only see ONLINE for that section, there will be no on-campus instruction.
  • If you see only campus buildings and rooms, that class will only meet in-person at the location(s) listed.
  • If you see both ONLINE and a campus building and room, that class will have a mixture of in-person and online instruction.

Also, please note that even with in-person classes you will have limited in-person meeting times. To find out:

  1. Log into MyCollege.
  2. Select ‘Student Planning.’
  3. Select ‘Go to Plan and Schedule.’
  4. Make sure the term  says ‘Fall 2020.’
  5. In the “Meeting Information” section, you may have both in-person dates as well as online dates. This means you are in a hybrid or blended course.
  6. Select the course title. Learn more about the course in the “Additional Information” section.


Mark Your Calendars – Fall Academic Calendar

Just a reminder, classes for the fall 2012 semester start Thursday, Aug. 9. Be sure to mark your calendars.

The first break for the fall semester will come with the Monday, Sept. 3 Labor Day holiday. The College also will be clCalendarosed the rest of that week for the Democratic National Convention, which Charlotte is hosting. So, there will be no classes Sept. 3 – 8. The normal class schedule will resume on Monday, Sept. 10.