Student Commons Area Closed for Construction Jan. 29 – 31

As part of the new restaurant construction in Overcash Center on Central Campus, Facilities Services will be replacing a portion of the floor tile in the Studnet Commons area.

To allow the contractor sufficient time and access to complete the work, CPCC will be closing the Commons area Jan. 29 – 31.

Upcoming Parking Lot Repairs

Please be advised over the next few weeks the Facilities Services Department will be preforming parking lot repairs on Central Campus. The schedule is as follows: Construction
a. CATS Building (Patching Repairs) – March 13
b. Facilities Services Center (Patching Repairs) – March 14
c. 1230 Charlottetowne (Patching Repairs) – March 14
d. Parking Lot #6 (Seal Coating/Striping) – March 21, 22
e. Facilities Service Center (Seal Coating/Striping) – March 22, 23
f. 1230 Charlottetowne (Seal Coating/Striping) –  March 22, 23
g. CATS Building (Seal Coating/Striping) – March 28
The lots scheduled to receive these repairs will be closed to all student/staff access during this process. These dates are weather contingent and are subject to change. Any personal or CPCC vehicles and/or materials will need to be relocated prior to the scheduled work. Contact Bo Hightower at ext. 6234 for all questions/comments.