Did You Recently Receive an Academic Intervention Email?

Don’t freak out! You have an opportunity to find out how to correct it. CPCC offers many campus resources to help students succeed and accomplish their goals. Perhaps you have been contacted by someone informing you of the next steps to take in order to get back on the right path to academic success. Everyone at CPCC wants you to do well. Take advantage of the resources available in order to achieve success!

Is Your Information Current in CPCC’s Critical Alert System?

In an emergency situation, it’s vital for the College to be able to reach you to provide important information. That’s why you should take a moment to ensure that your contact information is correct in our Critical Alert system and that your mobile number is listed as your primary contact number.

Critical Alert

If there is a college alert, weather situation, or a campus opening or closing, updates will be available through our Critical Alert system (email, text and voice messages). Please go to cpcc.regroup.com to update your emergency contact information so updates can be sent directly to your mobile device. A video demonstration is available at Emergency Notification System Video Tutorial or there are directions below to offer guidance.

Your contact information will be used only for emergency notifications and periodic tests of the Critical Alert system.

A. Critical Alert – how to change/update settings

1.       Log into cpcc.regroup.com.

2.       Email Preferences: in addition to your CPCC email, you can type your personal email address(es) in the “Add Email” box, then click the yellow “add” button.

3.       Text and Voice Preferences: Please make your mobile number your primary contact number.

a.       You can add other contact numbers (work/home/family) by clicking “more.”

b.      Important: under the “carrier” dropdown menu, please make sure that “no carrier” is selected.

c.       To receive text notifications, check the “text” box. To receive voice notifications, check the “voice” box.

4.       Click the “save” button at the bottom.

Please note that standard text rates apply to CPCC notifications.

To learn more about how to prepare for an emergency, visit the emergency preparedness website and view CPCC’s Emergency Response Guide.


Your CPCC Student Email!

Many areas of the College, including Financial Aid and Counseling & Advising, communicate via your CPCC email. It is important that you regularly check your student email for important updates including transcript information, financial aid requests, graduation information, academic standing and much more. Did you know you can also forward your student  

CPCC Student Email

CPCC Student Email

emails to your personal email if you’d like? We want you to succeed and getting information to you quickly is key. If you have questions or need help forwarding your CPCC email, call the CPCC Helpdesk at 704.330.5000 for assistance.