Meet Your 2019 Commencement Speaker: Desiree Kinker

The Graduation Committee is pleased to announce Desiree Kinker as the 2019 student Desiree Kinkerspeaker for graduation! Desiree is graduating with an Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts, is a member of the Central Piedmont NC Student Culinary Competition Team, a former Ruth G. Shaw Scholar, and an active community volunteer.

Those who know Desiree are familiar with the smile that greets you at her first hello, but few are probably aware of the journey that might lie beneath. Desiree is graduating in May as a successful culinary student, but the road that got her this far has bumps and bruises and many downs and ups. Though Desiree greets you with light, she’s not afraid to tell you about the tough challenges she has faced and overcome during her life and as a student.

Desiree is a true example of how Central Piedmont can lift an individual from where they begin and catapult them into their own, unique future. She is a prime example of a student who valued and leveraged relationships around her, working hard (and with great wisdom) to build a better life and bring light to any space she enters. We are proud of her and of all of our graduates, and we are excited to hear her message!