Enroll in a Crowder Construction Continuing Education Class

Develop your inner craftsman by learning how to tackle your next home improvement project in one of our upcoming Crowder Construction Institute continuing education courses. Take one (or all!) of the Carpentry
following classes:

  • Furniture and Cabinet Making: Experience this entry-level hands-on course for basic woodworking techniques. You’ll learn about the properties and machining processes of wood, those that influence the design and construction of furniture, cabinetry and the artistic applications of wood.
  • Introduction to Interior Trim Molding: Improve the look of your home by learning how to install interior residential trim. Our instructors will review safety and power tools; plan details; floor, wall and ceiling moldings; door and window trim; and more.
  • Carpentry: In these classes, we’ll equip you with a solid foundation in the art of carpentry. This comprehensive course will help individuals who are remodeling or want to become more skilled in carpentry for home improvements. In one semester, you’ll learn safety practices, construction math, blueprint reading, tool use and more.
  • Bricklaying: Learn the fundamentals of the trade; master your mason’s trowel, level, plumb line, safety techniques.

Classes begin October 16 at our Harper Campus. To learn more, call 704.330.4223.