It’s Not Too Late… GET ADVISED!

Priority registration begins Friday; do you know what classes to take? If not, it’s not too late to GET ADVISED! Whether you’re meeting with an academic advisor, a counselor, or your faculty advisor, your session will be more helpful with a little preparation. To get the most out of your time, follow these tips.

  • Read the CPCC catalog to learn about your program of study, required courses, and college policies.
  • Have three jobs and five kids?! (Or even one job and no kids!) Give serious thought about how many classes you’ll be able to successfully manage during the upcoming semester.
  • Bring any paperwork or documents you’ll need (For example: transcripts from other colleges you’ve attended, placement test scores, financial aid appeals forms, past advisement sheets, etc.).
  • Map out a proposed schedule of classes.
  • Jot down specific questions or concerns you want to discuss.

With a bit of advanced planning, your advising session will lead to a successful college experience, one semester at a time.

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Happy Counseling Awareness Month!

April is Counseling Awareness Month. In recognition, Counseling Services will be responding to questions about counseling.

Q: How would talking with a Counselor help me do better in school?

A: Counseling can be a personally enriching experience that improves all areas of your life, including your education. You are more than a student. For example, you might also be an employee, a spouse, a parent, a best friend, or the child of an aging parent – and all these roles compete for the time you want to dedicate to education. This balancing act we all perform can be incredibly rewarding and exciting. However, most people will also experience times when it feels overwhelming and stressful.

Confiding in friends and family can be helpful, but it’s sometimes beneficial to speak with someone who is unbiased and unrelated to the people in your life. Talking with a trained counselor provides a safe place to find a fresh perspective and regain your balance, and it equips you with tools to handle similar situations in the future.

Some benefits of seeing a counselor include:

  • Academic Tools – Discover ways to manage test anxiety, better handle your time commitments, and find the motivation you need to reach your academic goals.
  • Improved relationships – Your relationship with your trained counselor can provide a safe place to learn from the circumstances of your other relationships.
  • Better Physical Health – Reduce the chance of stress-related illness, such as high blood pressure.
  • Increased self-awareness – Learn how to recognize your emotional patterns and build upon your strengths in order to achieve your personal and academic goals.
  • Education and support – Incorporate effective means to handle stress and conflict in your daily life.
  • Accountability – Safely evaluate the life changes you have made to see if they are working.

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Advising Period Begins April 2

Don’t let registration catch you off guard! Make plans today to visit your faculty advisor, an academic advisor, orstudent counselor during this advising period – or sooner! Build a better schedule by being prepared to choose your classes on the first

Get Advised!

CPCC's Advising Period Starts Soon!

day of registration. Avoid the frustration of waiting with a crowd of students for advising help. Take charge of your future. We’re here to help you complete your certificate, diploma, or degree.

  • Ensure you’re taking the correct classes you need to graduate.
  • Meet now to avoid long lines at Advising & Counseling during registration.

Contact your faculty advisor for an appointment right away or drop by the Counseling & Advising Office.

For more information about the CPCC Advising Period and important dates to remember, click here.

Get Connected!

Do you want to start the year off right? If so, attend the Office of Student Life’s Student Resource Day (SRD) on a campus near you! The road to success starts by getting connected! Student Resource Day is a great opportunity for students to meet staff, learn about all services and resources available on campus, and enjoy free popcorn and prizes in one stop!Campus representatives will include: Library Services, Student Life, Service-Learning, Family Resource Center, Transfer Resource Center, Financial Aid, Career Services, Disability Services, Counseling and Advising, Information Technologies and more!

Central Campus
When:  Wednesday, Jan. 25; 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Where: Overcash, 2nd floor lobby

Harper Campus
When: Tuesday, Jan. 31; 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Where: 3rd floor Hallway (outside room 304)

Cato Campus
When:  Wednesday, Feb. 1; 10 a.m. – noon
Where: Atrium

Levine Campus
When: Thursday, Feb. 2; 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Where: Levine Building 2, 2nd floor foyer

For more information on getting involved, visit the Office of Student Life website at