Advisory: Contractors enhancing security systems on Central Campus Sept 8 – 18

Contractors with Security 101 will be on Central Campus, Sept. 8 – 18, between 7 a.m. – 5 p.m., installing ID card access mechanisms to several classroom and common area doors located in all of Central Campus’s buildings, except Giles, Zeiss, the New Classroom Building, and Worrell.

Card access is being installed on multiple doors to enhance security measures and ensure only individuals with an official Central Piedmont ID are granted access to specific areas located inside Central Piedmont’s buildings.

Contractors will be using loud hand tools, such as power saws, to complete the installations, which includes partially cutting the door frame and adding the electronical components needed to lock/unlock the door when authorized.

We are aware some classes will be in session on these days/times. Crews have been asked to make every effort to limit any noise disruptions. Since the majority of Central Piedmont courses are being conducted online this semester, the number of classes impacted by this work is expected to be minimal.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact College Security Services at 704.330.6632.

Theft Prevention Tips

As we approach the holiday season crimes of opportunity increase.  We are experiencing an increase in cases of theft on campus.  College Security is asking for your assistance in preventing theft on our campuses.

In order for a crime to occur, an opportunity to commit that crime must exist.  Nearly all of the incidents of theft on Campus involve unattended and unsecured property.  Unintentionally, we are creating an environment where people are simply able to pick up valuables and walk away.

By simply keeping our valuables in our possession or locking them in a secure location we take away the opportunity for theft to occur.  We all have the ability to prevent the crime of theft on our campuses by securing our valuables at all times.

Please help us reduce the opportunity for crime and eliminate theft on Campus.

Lock it or lose it.  You hold the key.

Theft Prevention Tips

  • Keep your purse, wallet, keys, textbooks and other valuable items with you at all times or locked in a secure place.
  • Phones and computers are primary targets of theft.  Never leave them unattended.
  • Never leave valuable items visible in your vehicle.  Store items in your trunk or out of sight.
  • Always lock your car doors and keep windows rolled up.

Mobile Device Security Tips

  • Use a password or access code to restrict access.
  • Use anti-theft apps or software that will allow you to locate the device and wipe sensitive data from it.
  • Consider reading this article: “Before It’s Gone: Steps to Deter Smartphone Thefts & Protect Personal Info” –

Contacting College Security

  • Program emergency phone numbers into your cell phone.
  • Report suspicious behavior to College Security immediately.
  • Emergency assistance number: 704.330.6911 (extension 6911)
  • Non-emergency assistance number: 704.330.6632  (extension 6632)

Changes to CPCC Lost and Found

Changes to CPCC Lost and Found

Changes to CPCC Lost and Found

CPCC Lost and Found Has Moved! Lost and Found items will be managed by CPCC’s Security and Emergency Management Department.

FOUND ITEMS: Found items may be turned in by calling the Security Dispatch Center at 704.330.6632 or visiting the College Security office on your campus.

LOST ITEMS: Inquiries about lost items from all campuses should be directed to College Security by calling 704.330.6632. The dispatcher can quickly check our computerized records to see if a matching item has been turned in. Lost items will be available for identification and pick-up at the Facilities Services Building, Room 100 on Central Campus at 1325 East 7th Street, Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.

If you have any questions or questions, please contact Richard Korenich at 704.330.6628 or Christina Corpening at 704.330.2722 x3627.

Prevent Theft on Campus. Lock it or Lose it; You Hold the Key.

On Jan. 15, a faculty member became the victim of theft, when she left her purse unattended in the Education Center at Central Campus. This was a simple theft, with no force involved.Security

CPCC College Security reminds students, faculty and staff that theft of unattended and unsecured property is our top security issue.

Always take items of value with you. Don’t leave your keys or purses in plain view. Put valuable items in a locked drawer or in the trunk of your vehicle.

Take your laptop or tablet with you. Don’t leave your laptop computer, tablet, IPod, cell phone or other electronic devices unattended and unsecured in your office or lab at any time.

Prevent theft on campus. Lock it or lose it, you hold the key.