Diversity Committee Student Profile

Home Country: China



What is something about your country that others may not know about?

“ The classroom environment is much more relaxed here. School in China is a lot more stressful. I feel a lot more comfortable asking questions in class here. I learn a lot better here.”


Is there a cultural custom about your country you like most?

“In relation to school, teachers are held in a very high regard. Students show complete attention and respect at all times. I think teachers here should get more respect.”


What challenges did you face when entering the USA?

“ The language in this country is confusing. Before I came to USA, I could pick up a National Geographic and read it without a problem. I had a hard time with slang and accents. The English people speak here is not the English we learn in China.”


What do you miss most about your country?

“Of course my family and the food. The public transportation system is much better too. I never have to drive in China, which is nice.”


What do you like most about the USA?

“ The clean air. The seasonal changes here are much easier too. When it is cold here, it is not that bad.”


Go Global!

Go Global!

Go Global!

2012 is the year to Go Global with CPCC!  Go Global Study Abroad Club is currently offering study abroad programs to China, Costa Rica, France, Germany and more.  Studying abroad is a great opportunity for students to develop cross-cultural skills, boost language skills, gain a sense of independence, gain work skills, see new places, give back and make connections around the world. Fundraising, scholarships and financial aid may be available for students who participate. All majors are welcome.

Go Global meetings are held every first and third Thursday of the month.

The next meeting will be held:
When: Thursday, Feb. 16; 2 – 3 p.m.
Where: Central Campus, Overcash Building, Room 307

For more information, please visit http://www.cpcc.edu/study-abroad or visit the International Learning office located on Central Campus, Overcash Building, Room 303 or call 704.330.6167.

Written by Angela Perry
Communications and Journalism Co-op Student, CPCC