Take Time to Make Time

Take Time to Make Time

Take Time to Make Time

Many students juggle multiple roles: school, work, family, household responsibilities, and social life. How do you make the time for it all? Stop by our information table, have a cookie, and get information from counselors about time management and study skills. Learn valuable skills for your success.

  • Cato Campus: Monday, February 13th, 10:00-1:30, Cato I Lobby
  • Central Campus: Tuesday, February 14th, 10:30-1:30, Levine Technology Building Lobby near Subway
  • Harper Campus: Monday, February 20th, 10:30-12:30, 3rd Floor near Security Office
  • Levine Campus: Wednesday, February 29th, 10:30-1:30, Levine II near the entrance

This event is sponsored by P-CAP (Personal Counseling Assistance Program).

Cato Campus Grier Road Entrance Will be Closed for at Least Seven Weeks

CPCC Cato Campus

CPCC Cato Campus

The Grier Road entrance to CPCC’s Cato Campus will be closed from Jan. 23 to approximately March 16 for a sidewalk and road repair project. During this time, Cato Campus will be accessible only from the west-bound lanes of East W.T. Harris Boulevard. Students, employees and visitors should expect traffic delays during peak times.

The project will include the replacement of failing underground storm water piping and constructing a new pedestrian sidewalk from Grier Road to the main entrance of Cato I. It’s necessary to do the work now to prevent a dangerous sinkhole from forming.

Charlotte CATS buses #3 and #29 will continue to stop on Grier Road, with the campus accessible via the stairs at the corner of Grier and W.T. Harris. Campus security will offer shuttle assistance as needed for bus riders who cannot navigate the stairs.

CPCC urges students, employees and visitors to plan their trips to Cato with the Grier Road entrance project in mind. With the campus having only one entrance/exit for several weeks, traffic delays should be anticipated. In addition, drivers should take extra care turning onto W.T. Harris Blvd.

The college appreciates everyone’s cooperation and patience while the Cato-Grier Rd. project is completed. Once the work is done, the Grier Road entrance will be safer and have a much needed and requested pedestrian sidewalk.

Cato Campus Student Resources Day

Students nibbled on popcorn and collected prizes while gathering information about Student Services at Cato Campus’ Student Resources Day on August 24, 2011.

“I want it to be exciting. I want it to be fun. This is one of those fun days,” David Mahatha, coordinator of Student Life at the Cato Campus, said. The event is held every semester and showcases both familiar and unfamiliar CPCC resources that are available to students.

As organizer of the event, Mahatha wants students to know that there is more to do on campus than simply going to class and going home.

“The smell of popcorn attracted me,” said Florian Ethier, a CPCC transfer student. Ethier had never been to the event and did not know what it was. Ethier said she was drawn to tables that had colorful presentations.

“We’ve been busy since 10 o’clock,” Jill Lutz, coordinator of Cooperative Education at the Cato Campus, said. Lutz thinks the day is a good way to get the word out to students who may be unfamiliar with the co-op internship program. She believes that a lot of students wait too long to contact Career Services and Co-op.

“I got some free pens,” Jaqua Tiggs, Cato Middle College student, said. Representatives used free items such as pens, candy and notepads to attract students to their tables.

There was a “phenomenal turn out” at the Career Services table Connie Johnston, career counselor, said. The table was visited by a larger number of students compared to last year, Johnston said.

Hoping to reach at least 50 students, Retha Hall, senior librarian, offered a survey and prizes at her table. She drew students to the table with an emphasis on CPCC’s service which allows students to check-out a netbook for up to three hours.

“I like this excitement,” Mahatha said. In the spring, Student Resources Day tends to be more laid back, but the event is in full force in the fall.

Written by Melissa Carty
Communications Student Co-op, CPCC