Diversity Student Profile: Korrie

Home Country: Canada Korrie
What is something about your country that others may not know about?
Canada is just as big as the USA and we have as much or more freedom.
Is there a cultural custom about your country you like most?
I really miss Tim Horton’s coffee. An American company just bought them, let’s hope they start to open them around here. Also, it is impossible to find sweet and sour fried ribs here.
What challenges did you face when entering the USA?
I find it offensive by how culturally ignorant people are here. People get hung up on race so much. It is always a white thing or a black thing. Back home we are just people living together. I find this difficult to become accustomed to.
What do you miss most about your country?
 I miss the long summer days. Sunset is not till 10:30 p.m.. Plus the mornings are so cool and crisp even in July.
What do you like most about the USA?
When it comes to a crisis situation, Americans are the ones to drop everything and help out. I’m not just talking about international relief. People seem to care a lot more when bad stuff happens to others.