Attention CPCC Levine Students

Beginning Nov. 12 through Nov. 15, the CPCC Levine Campus and surrounding area will host a K-9 training event. The Matthews Police Department, along with out of state police agencies, will be conducting a week-long K-9 training event on the Levine exterior campus grounds, as well as in the interior of the campus buildings. The K-9s they will be using will be non-aggressive, non-attack bloodhounds. These bloodhounds are being trained to find lost persons as well as track down suspects. The Police Department will be conducting the trainings in the afternoon hours from noon to late afternoon / early evening. Please note, when you see the officers and K-9s on campus, it is only a training exercise and not a real emergency. Please also remember that because it is a training exercise, the K-9s are not pets, and should not be approached for petting.

If you have any questions, please contact Joe Agati, Levine Campus Security, at ext. 4291 or