It’s Not Too Late… GET ADVISED!

Registration has begun! Did you remember to sign up for classes? If not, it’s not too late to GET ADVISED! Whether you’re meeting with an academic advisor, a counselor, or your faculty advisor, your session will be more helpful with a little preparation. To get the most out of your time, follow these tips.

  • Read the CPCC catalog to learn about your program of study, required courses, and college policies.
  • Have 3 jobs and 5 kids?! (Or even 1 job and no kids!) Give serious thought about how many classes you’ll be able to successfully manage during the upcoming semester.
  • Bring any paperwork or documents you’ll need. (For example: transcripts from other colleges you’ve attended, placement test scores, financial aid appeals forms, past advisement sheets, etc.)
  • Map out a proposed schedule of classes.
  • Jot down specific questions or concerns you want to discuss.

With a bit of advanced planning, your advising session will lead to a successful college experience, one semester at a time.

For more information

Attend the Pathways to Careers 2014 Open House

Pathways to Careers 2014 Open House

Thursday, November 13, 2014  9 –11:30 a.m.

CPCC’s Education Center Lobby –Central Campus

Come join us for a fun-filled morning of planning your academic success including:

•advisor meet & greet

•info sessions



•lots of fun and much more…

For more information, please call 704.330.2722 ext.3223


Get Advised!

Registration is coming… Are you ready?!

If you would like help in choosing classes for next semester or have received a message that your academic status has changed then GET ADVISED is for you!

Log in to MyCollege to your online profile or check out to find your faculty advisor. Contact your advisor and make an appointment to GET ADVISED!

Do you have more than 30 hours? If so, you can also visit the Transfer Resource Center at to GET ADVISED!

Check out GET ADVISED at

Attention Students: Is the Class You Wanted Full?

Is the Class You Wanted Full?

Is the Class You Wanted Full?

Did you know that you are probably eligible to take other general education courses? For example, many students believe that History 131 must be completed before they can take History 132. In fact, a student can take either course. The same is true for HIS 111 and 112, English 231 and English 232, ART 114 and 115 and a whole host of other options.

Students can see if a course has prerequisites, as well as other important information, by checking the course catalog here. Good places to look are:

  • Course descriptions, to see if a given course has prerequisites (pgs. 220 forward)
  • General education course options, to see what may be available for you to take (pgs. 182 & 183)
  • Transfer Degree course options, if you’re looking to transfer to a senior institution (pgs. 190-203)

Also, if you’re looking to transfer, you might find an AA (Associate in Arts) checklist helpful, which you can find here.

If unsure of which general education course is required for your degree, or if you’ve met the correct prerequisite, please consult your faculty or professional advisor. You can find your assigned faculty advisor here.