A.N.T.S. Program

Attention all adult learners.  It’s not too late, there’s still time to participate in the A.N.T.S. program (Adult- Non Traditional Students) at the Cato Campus. This program is designed to help students be successful in their academic endeavors by providing Adult Non-Traditional Studentsnetworking opportunities, host events & workshops.

There’s only a few workshops left so please come out and join us.  Below is a list of upcoming workshops:

October 30: Anxiety & Test Taking Skills 3-4 p.m.: CT 164

November 12: How to Register Workshop 2-3 p.m.: CT 267

November 19: Career Services Workshop 11 a.m.-noon: CT 163

Please sign up using this link: www.tinyurl.com/catolandl  

If you like to participate and take advantage of this wonderful program, please send an email reply to Alice Pough at Alice.Pough@cpcc.edu.


Calling All A.N.T.S. (Adult Non-Traditional Students)

Adult Non-Traditional StudentsWelcome to CPCC! Whether you are returning or a first time student, we are glad to have you as a part of the CPCC family.

We are working hard on initiatives to help you be successful in college. This great program is located at Cato and Levine Campus and is called Adult Non-Traditional Students (A.N.T.S.) and we are extending a special invitation to you.

Our goal is to enhance educational opportunities for non-traditional students by offering networking, hosting events and workshops, and targeting the needs and interests of non-traditional college students.

If you are interested, contact Alice Pough (Alice.Pough@cpcc.edu) or David Mahatha (David.Mahatha@cpcc.edu) at the Cato Campus. For those who attend the Levine Campus, contact Cassandra Loftin (Cassandra.Loftin@cpcc.edu) or Reggie Pincham (Reggie.Pincham@cpcc.edu).

Look for the A.N.T.S. brand on CPCC events signifying that they will be beneficial to your success.

We look forward to supporting you in your college endeavors.