Quick Survey – Which Class Formats Do You Prefer?

Central Piedmont wants you to feel safe and comfortable in your classes and we need your help. Through numerous discussions and detailed planning across all units of the college, we remain committed to providing a safe environment for our students to learn and faculty and staff members to work. Which class format(s) do you prefer?

Please take this quick, three-question survey to help us prepare for the spring term.

Fall semester classes are being taught in multiple formats – online, hybrid, blended and face-to-face. Here are the different types:

  • Traditional (regular in-person class meetings with very little, if any, online instruction)
  • Online (completely online with no on-campus meetings)
  • Blended (both online and seated instruction with weekly on-campus meetings)
  • Hybrid (more online than seated, fewer than 8 on-campus meetings)

By Monday, September 28, please take less than 1 minute to share your opinion on class formats as we prepare for spring.

(Survey Link: https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/5847953/CP-Class-Format-Preference-Survey.)

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