5 Tips for Online Learning

Online classes are a great option to help earn your degree and fulfill your academic goals. Though they come with unique challenges, here are 5 Online Learning Tips to help you succeed in your classes this semester:
  1. Develop a schedule: Commit to making your online coursework part of your weekly routine by creating a schedule to stay on task. Designate specific hours to studying, reading, and completing assignments.
  2. Set specific goals: Establish a routine by organizing your day with goals. Set reminders for yourself to complete assignments and try allowing yourself a certain amount of time to complete tasks.
  3. Get connected: Interact with your instructors, classmates and peers virtually. Be intentional about staying connected to others – this will help keep you accountable and engaged.
  4. Create a designated study space: Setting up a designated workspace – whether its a kitchen table, bedroom or office – will help you establish a routine, keep you organized, and boost your productivity.
  5. Stay healthy: Improve your academic performance by taking care of your mental and physical health. Allow time for the things you enjoy doing and incorporate healthy habits like regular exercise, getting plenty of rest and eating healthy meals.

Please remember to check your college email often for communication from your instructors and the college. Making the transition to online courses on short notice is a challenge, but please know your instructors and student services staff members are here to help.

The college has created a comprehensive Web page with resources to help you during this transition. Visit learnremotely.cpcc.edu to discover what you need to know if your courses have moved online.