CPCC is a Drug-Free College

Central Piedmont Community College is committed to maintaining a safe and productive CPCC is a Drug-Free Collegeteaching and learning environment for students and employees.  CPCC endorses the federal government’s efforts in implementing the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989.  This means that illegal substances, such as marijuana, heroin and cocaine, are not permitted on CPCC’s campuses. Alcohol and tobacco are also among the substances which are not permitted on our campuses.   

Please visit the college’s Drug-Free College Web page to get information on the following topics related to the Drug-Free College policies:

·        Standards of conduct and disciplinary sanctions for students who violate the Drug-Free College policies

·        Legal sanctions for drug and alcohol activities that are a violation of state and federal law

·        Health risks associated with the use of drugs and alcohol

·        Help resources available to students who are concerned about their use of drugs and alcohol 

Thank you for helping keep CPCC drug-free!