September is FERPA Awareness Month

 Below is the CPCC FERPA annual notification of student rights

  • Students have the right to review their official records maintained by the college. Furthermore, students may question any inaccurate or misleading information and request correction or deletion of such data from their files.

  • All such requests will be sent to the Dean for Admissions, Records, Registration, and Graduation and will become a part of that student’s electronic records

  • All requests for correction of a student record will be acted upon within 45 work days of receipt of the request. If the custodian can verify that such data are, in fact, in error, appropriate corrections will be made and the student will be notified in writing when the correction has been completed. If an error cannot be readily substantiated, the request will be referred to an Ad Hoc Hearing Committee appointed by the Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services. After a student has had the opportunity to present the case to the hearing committee, the committee will render a decision in writing stating the reasons for its decision. If the decision is in agreement with the student’s request, the student will be permitted to review the record to verify that the change has been made correctly. If the student’s request is denied, the student will be permitted to append a statement to the record in question, showing the basis for the disagreement with the denial. Such additions will become a permanent part of the record.