RDS to be Activated at CPCC on March 13

*Students: Please note the date listed in the email sent to you via Constant Contact on March 8 incorrrectly listed the RDS start date as March 8. It should be March 13, as listed in the article.*

On March 13, the Residency Determination Service (RDS) will be activated at CPCC. Residency determinations will take place in a seamless process while students apply for CPCC admissions via CFNC.  Residency status will not require updating unless you Is Your Residency Up to Date?missed two or more consecutive semesters (fall and spring), if you now meet the residency requirements, or if you have experienced a qualifying event such as, but not limited to, relocation across the state border, a military status change or an INS immigration status change. If you believe your residency status is incorrect, please contact the Admissions office before March 9 when RDS implementation begins. You can also request a residency reclassification for a future term after RDS is live at www.NCresidency.orgMore information can be found at http://www.cpcc.edu/admissions/admissions/residency or by contacting the Admissions Office at any campus.