Artist Edwin Gil works with Levine Campus students to create “Faces of Diversity” portrait of Dr. Zeiss

Mr. Scott Syfert, Corporate Attorney at Moore & VanAllen, Board Member of CPCC, and personal friend of Dr. Zeiss, commissioned artist Edwin Gil to create a glass portrait of Dr. Zeiss as a tribute to Dr. Zeiss (who will retire at the end of this year after leading the college for 23 years) for his efforts and accomplishments at CPCC and in Mecklenburg County.

Mr. Syfert and Dr. Zeiss share a great passion for history and are members of The May 20th Society, a nonprofit organization founded by Mr. Syfert that endeavors to capture and celebrate Charlotte’s rebellious and visionary spirit and history.

The beautiful portrait of Dr. Zeiss is part of the series, Faces of Diversity, by Edwin Gil which is currently displayed at the Levine Bill and Patty Gorelick Art Gallery at Levine Campus. This gift was unveiled and presented to Dr. Zeiss at the end of a presentation hosted by Gil to approximately 85 of our students.  Faces of Diversity is a social art project that seeks to break stereotypes through art.  Dr. Zeiss himself, students, faculty and staff contributed to the piece of art by stamping their fingerprints on the pieces of glass that compose the background of the portrait.  This portrait will remain at the Levine Campus as a legacy of all the ways Dr. Zeiss’ “thumbprints” have been on so efforts — at the college and in the county — to grow and achieve greatness over the past 23 years.


Dr. Zeiss and Edwin Gil


Mr. Scott Syfert, Dr. Zeiss, High School poet (Jennifer McClain) for Faces of Diversity, and Edwin Gil


CPCC student (at left), Dr. Paul Koehnke, Catalina Ramirez, Dr. Edith Valladares McElroy, and Edwin Gil