Visit Nothing But Noodles on September 22 to Help CPCC’s Study Abroad Program

Did you know that the number one cause of death of women in Peru is cervical cancer? The main reason for this statistic is limited access to the screenings we take for granted. CPCC Medical Career students are participating in a global Nothing But Noodlesmedical service learning experience by spending two weeks in Cusco, Peru, to support women’s health through cervical cancer screenings and other health screenings such as immunizations and laboratory work.

To assist with this cause, Nothing But Noodles has generously decided to donate a portion of its proceeds to CPCC’s Study Abroad – Medical Service Learning initiative.

To participate, simply visit the Nothing But Noodles location at 1605 Elizabeth Ave. on Thursday, September 22 and mention “CPCC Study Abroad” at the register. You can support the cause by dining at any time throughout the day; dining in or carryout orders apply.

Thank you for your support!