Printing Sustainably is “GREEN”

It’s EASY! printing sustainabilyMaking print setting changes only takes a couple of clicks. 

Here are some simple measures to make your printing more sustainable: 

  • Print ONLY when necessary — ask yourself: “Do I REALLY need that copy?”
  • Don’t print meeting agendas — send them electronically and include in your slide or PowerPoint presentation
  • Print in duplex mode — printing on both sides of the paper uses HALF AS MUCH paper
  • Print in “grayscale”, “eco”, or “draft” mode
  • Print in color only when necessary
  • Use Century Gothic font — it uses less toner or ink
  • Don’t use background stationary in emails – it uses a lot more toner/ink, and, in fact, is not in compliance with CPCC email standards
  • Re-use the backside of printed pages that would otherwise go in the recycle bin
  • Avoid multi- or duplicate prints — proofread and spell check on screen prior to printing
  • Send documents electronically whenever possible
  • Delete unnecessary internet graphics prior to printing, change to smaller font sizes and don’t print in bold
  • Print only the pages you need instead of the entire document
  • Post documents on Blackboard and other shared college electronic sites instead of printing and distributing


If you have any questions, contact Pam Metcalf, director of Energy and Sustainability, at 704.330.6079.