Stay Alert for Wildlife on CPCC Campuses

Now that it’s getting warmer, stay alert for wildlife on all CPCC campuses.

To date, there has been at least one snake sighting at Levine. Please be on the look out as you make your way around campus. If you see a snake or other wild animal, please keep your distance and alert College Security Services as soon as possible.

In addition to snakes, Canada geese are once again establishing nests on CPCC’s campuses; the largest concentration can be found at the Levine Campus. They are a federally protected species. The geese can become extremely aggressive and territorial if they feel their nests are being threatened, so please try to avoid the geese if possible. If provoked or if the geese feel their nest is in danger, their natural defense is to chase or attack any threat. Therefore, please proceed with caution as you travel to/from campus.

Thank you.