Don’t Just Read a Good Book, Eat It

The Harris Campus Library invites YOU to submit an entry for the Edible Book Fest, a part of Sensoria at Harris!

What is an edible book?

An edible book can be created from anything that can be safely ingested by humans. An edible book can look like a book, be inspired by a book, be a pun on a book’s title, look like a character and more!  Be creative—there’s no limit to the form an edible book can take.

Do I need to be a professional chef to participate?

No! Cooking skills are not required and everyone is encouraged to submit an entry and have fun putting their creativity to the test. You can view examples of edible books at

How do I sign up?

Visit and download the Edible Book Fest entry form (PDF). You can turn in the form in person at the Harris Campus Library, email it to, or send it via snail mail. If you need help, feel free to stop by the Harris Campus Library where our staff members would be happy to assist you. The deadline to submit your entry form is Friday, March 25.

For more details about the Edible Book Fest or to sign up, visit or contact Monique Clark ( Happy reading and eating!