Start Researching EmployUP Companies Now!

More than 50 companies are attending next month’s EmployUP on March 3 at the Grady Cole Center. Which companies are recruiting job candidates from your academic program who possess your skills and qualifications? Narrowing your company focus will make the event more EmployUpmanageable.  You can find a list of attending companies here.

But employers won’t be impressed if you only know the company name. Researching companies is a must when it comes to career fair preparation. You’ll grab the recruiter’s attention when you can talk about the company’s mission, products and services or office culture. Take the time to learn these facts through the company’s website, their Twitter handle or Facebook page. A great place to start is the Career Services 2016 EmployUP Pinterest board.

Any questions about company research or other career fair topics (resume, dress, etc.)? Email or schedule an appointment with your campus career counselor.