Be Safe Around the CityLYNX Gold Line on Central Campus

The CityLYNX Gold Line provides a direct link to the heart of Uptown, connecting you to bus and light rail services, healthcare facilities, entertainment and small businesses. The CityLYNX Gold Line is a free service, so you do not need a ticket to ride. In order to Streetcarkeep the Gold Line safe and enjoyable for everyone, please remember the following:

•                    Park only in designated spaces. Even if just for a few minutes, do not park your car on Elizabeth Avenue if there is not an official parking space.

•                    Your entire vehicle, including mirrors, must be within the solid white parking lines. Incorrectly parked cars will be subject to a citation and towing.

•                    Cross only at designated crosswalks. There are clearly marked signs showing you safe areas to cross the street. If you see the streetcar coming, wait for it to pass before you cross.

•                    Stay Alert. Look up from your phone. Take out your ear buds or turn the volume down. Remember, safety starts with you.

•                    Cyclists should cross the tracks at a 90 degree angle to avoid getting wheels stuck or crashing.

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