Reminders for 2015-2016 Financial Aid Recipients

Important reminders to 2015-16 awarded financial aid recipients from the CPCC Financial Aid office:

·         Check your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) status to ensure you are in a financial aid eligible (SAP) status after fall 2015 grades are posted. Check your Financial Aid SAP status in your “MyCollege” account.

·         Financial Aid students can purchase books beginning Monday, Jan. 4 through Friday, Jan. 29

·         Financial Aid funds are only disbursed for classes that are required for your active “Program of Study”

·         Remember, financial aid is earned through attendance in registered classes

·         Financial Aid students who withdraw from all of their term classes prior to the 60 percent point of the term (this is based on start and end dates of registered classes) may owe money to CPCC and/or the US Department of Education