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Get FREE one-on-one TUTORING! Open to all CPCC registered curriculum students. Our caring staff of tutors have earned an advanced degree in their area of expertise:

  • Math/Accounting
  • Writing/English
  • Science

Q: Why is using CPCC’s Academic Learning Center (ALC) services better than using private tutors?

A: The ALC tutoring is a free service for enrolled CPCC students. All ALC tutors have earned academic degrees, and many possess years of classroom experience.

Q: Do I still have to get my instructor to sign the yellow referral slip before receiving service?

A: No, all referrals are now retrieved electronically. An email will be sent to the class instructor of record immediately after the first visit and the instructor must approve the email.

Q: Why am I encouraged to make appointments instead of just walking in?

A: The ALC has periods of much busyness, especially around major tests, mid-term and final exams, and essay deadlines. Appointments allow you to choose the most convenient times and guarantees a session without having to wait for others to be tutored.

Q: If I cannot come to Central Campus, what tutoring options do I have?

A: Some campuses recommend an appointment to be made beforehand. Please see the Hours of Operation page of our website for more information. We are currently offering Online Tutoring to a select number of online courses. Ask your instructor if your course qualifies.


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