What CPCC Students Need to Know About FERPA

Every student’s educational records at CPCC are protected by PERPA, the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. Students have a right to know about the purpose and content of information kept as part of their educational records. They also haveFERPA a right to expect that information in their educational records will be kept confidential unless they give permission to the school to disclose such information.
What information can be disclosed about a student?
At CPCC, only “director information” can be disclosed without the student’s prior written consent. Directory information which MAY be released without prior student written consent includes:
  • student’s name
  • student’s hometown
  • dates of attendance at the college
  • credentials earned and dates awarded
  • student’s major field of study or program
What information cannot be disclosed?
Information which MAY NOT be disclosed without prior written approval by the student includes:
  • Student ID
  • Student’s email or mailing address
  • student’s telephone number
  • SSN
  • Student PIN
  • Grades
  • GPA
  • Class schedule
  • Employment information
  • Academic performance information
  • Admissions information
  • transcripts
  • Financial information
  • Student’s current enrollment status
  • Disciplinary information
  • Class attendance information
  • Student’s place of birth
  • Most recent institution attended
How can you prevent directory information from being shared?
If you want to suppress your directory information from being disclosed to anyone outside of the college, you must make the request in writing to the Associate Dean for Graduation and Records by the third week of the term each semester.
How can you give permission to the college to let a family member or spouse have information?
To grant CPCC permission to release information about your records to a third party, you must submit a completed Student Information Release Authorization form. You must sign the form and show your CPCC student ID card when presenting the form. In the event the form is submitted by a third party (such as a parent, spouse, etc.) then that person must have a photocopy of your CPCC ID card.
A separate form must be submitted for each request and it must specify what information is to be disclosed. To obtain the form, go to www.cpcc.edu/admissions/student-records and click on “Student Information Release Authorization form.”
The Student Information Release Authorization form gives permission for the release of only specified information to the indicated third party. It cannot be used to authorize a standing release of information.