Aggressive Geese at Levine Campus

From CPCC College Security

Canada Goose

Canada Goose

If you attend or visit the CPCC Levine Campus in the coming days and weeks, please be aware of the Canada geese on the property. They are a federally protected species.

Nesting season has started for the geese and many of the birds have established nests throughout the property. (One nest is located at the corner of Levine I, across from the Joe Hendrick Center for Automotive Technology.)

As a result, the geese have become extremely aggressive and territorial as they seek to protect their nests. CPCC College Security is asking the CPCC community to avoid the geese if possible. If provoked or if the geese feel their nest is in danger, their natural defense is to chase or attack any threats. Therefore, please proceed with caution as you travel to/from campus.

Thank you.