Get There Safe CPCC: Inattention Kills

Anything that causes you to take your attention away from driving, take your eyes off the road, or take your hands off of the wheel is a distraction. The most commonly thought of distraction is the phone.   In North Carolina all drivers are banned from sending or reading texts while they are driving.

Common ways drivers are distracted:

  • Eating, drinking, or smoking.
  • Adjusting the radio, or CD player.
  • Talking, texting or emailing on a cell phone or smart phone.
  • Interacting with the other passengers. This is particularly a problem for novice or young drivers.
  • Searching for or moving an object in the vehicle.
  •  Reading or writing.
  • Personal grooming (brushing hair, applying make up).
  • Rubber necking when passing a crash scene or a work zone.
  • Looking at people, objects or events happening off the roadway

When driving, attention should be on scanning and anticipating other drivers moves and watching for new road conditions.

Passengers – be a friend, don’t distract! You might even hold the driver’s cell phone for them and convey messages.

Tips compiled from national resources by Carolinas Center for Injury Prevention.  These tips and information do not guarantee the prevention of death or injury and should not be the only source of information used.

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