Let’s Be Courteous to our Neighbors

As you begin the fall semester at CPCC, the college would like to remind you of the importance we place on the communities we not only serve, but also have the great fortune to share.

As a result of our close proximity to surrounding neighborhoods, local residents have supported the college, our students and our many events during our 50-plus year history in Mecklenburg County.

To maintain this friendship and partnership, please remember you attend a college alongside individuals who are not students. Therefore we ask you observe the following guidelines when on campus:

1. Be courteous to the residents in the community. Do not litter. Do not congregate or loiter on neighboring streets.

2. Operate stereos and other electronic equipment at reasonable sound levels. Keep noise levels on streets at reasonable levels, especially during late evenings and early mornings.

4. Do not use rude, profane or abusive language in dealing with members of the community.

5. Put trash/garbage in proper receptacles, located across campus.

6. Find out about the recycling policy on campus.

Thank you for helping us create a courteous and respectful environment for all members of our local community.