Get Involved! International Student Club to Choose Leadership Team

We are excited that there has been so much interest in the newly revived International Student Club at CPCC. We have great students with lots of leadership potential. As we move forward with the club, we have set a timeline and guidelines for the upcoming election of officers. Through email and during the last Spring Festival, we have many students who have shown interest in participating in this club. What we need now is to let the group select the leadership team to guide the group from this point forward.

  • The elected officials will serve until the last day of the spring semester at which time we will hold elections for the next year at our general assembly meeting.

If you would like to run for a certain leadership position, you will need to complete a candidate form with your name, position you are running for and a brief description of why you would be the best person for this role. If you would like to review the description of each position and receive the candidate form, please email If you would like to run for a leadership position, the candidate form needs to be submitted by August 25, 2014.  Please email it to

We will hold an election day August 28 at 3 p.m. in Central High, 102 (Intl Services).  For those candidates who choose to run, you will need to be prepared to present a two-minute speech and prepare for a two-minute question and answer session afterward. Only candidates who are present during the Election Day are eligible to be elected to their desired positions. Following the candidate speeches and Q&A, all present will vote and submit their ballot.

For all others not running for a position and want to participate in the election process, please come to the Election Day to help select your team!

Thank you for your interest and if there is anything you need please contact Adam Hypes, club advisor, at