CPCC Terminating Associate in General Education Degree

The Associate in General Education (AGE/A10300) degree is being terminated, and no new students will be allowed to declare this program as of December 2013.  The terminating of the AGE will not impact any student’s registration for spring, 2014, and all AGE degree students will be allowed to complete degree requirements as long as they are continuously enrolled.

CPCC advisors and counselors are working with students in the AGE degree to create an educational plan. It is important that students in this degree contact Counseling & Advising Services at any campus for assistance. Please note locations www.cpcc.edu/ican/contact-us. During the registration period from now until January 16, walk-ins will be available.

Appointments with the AGE advisor from January 17-31, 2014, are available by calling 704.330.4649 to set up a time.

Any student who currently has the AGE code but does not intend to pursue the AGE degree should email ben.sparger@cpcc.edu to have it removed.