New State Law Impacts Colleges

All Central Piedmont Community College students and employees should take note of a new North Carolina law that takes effect Oct. 1. Law

North Carolina General Statute 14-269.2 Weapons on campus or other education property allows specific persons under a highly restrictive set of circumstances to have a handgun on a college campus. 

In summary, N.C. GS 14-269.2 allows persons with a valid North Carolina Concealed Handgun Permit to have a handgun in a locked compartment of a locked vehicle that is parked on college premises. The handgun cannot be taken out of the locked compartment while on any campus.

In other words, a person cannot “carry” a weapon of any kind while on a CPCC campus, unless he/she is a law enforcement officer.

CPCC students and employees should familiarize themselves with the College’s updated policies regarding weapons on campus. These can be found at:


These policies clearly state:

A firearm is permissible on College premises only under all of the following limited circumstances:

a. The firearm is a handgun; and

b. The individual has a valid concealed handgun permit or is exempt from the law requiring a permit; and

c. The handgun remains either in a closed compartment or container within the individual’s locked vehicle or a locked container securely affixed to the individual’s locked vehicle; and

d. The vehicle is only unlocked when the individual is entering or exiting the vehicle; and

e. The handgun remains in the closed compartment at all times.

Handguns are NOT permitted to be carried on College premises at any time.

Please take a look at the revised CPCC policies, and encourage your fellow students and colleagues to do the same.