Are You on LinkedIn? Why Not?

It’s easy to feel like LinkedIn isn’t for you when you’re a college student.  But Career Services wants to change all that.  Have you considered some of the following myths about LinkedIn?

Myth #1: LinkedIn is just an online resume:

Sure, your work experience can be highlighted on your LinkedIn profile, but it’s so much more. You can learn about companies in the industry you want to work in, connect with other students and professionals, and you can get insider information by joining groups related Linkedinto your field.

Myth #2:  You have to have extensive work experience to use LinkedIn:

Your LinkedIn profile can be used to highlight technical skills you are learning in class, extracurricular activities, projects you work on in class, cooperative education or internships, and volunteer experience.  You can also highlight interests and the classes you are currently taking.

Myth #3:  You don’t need LinkedIn if you already have other social media, like Facebook:

93% of employers who recruit using social media do it on LinkedIn (Jobvite, 2012). It’s designed for connecting professionally rather than socially.

Myth #4:  You don’t need LinkedIn if you’re not currently looking for a job:

If you wait until you’re looking for a job to use LinkedIn, you’ll miss out on some great opportunities to connect with professionals in your field.  Getting established on LinkedIn early in your college career instead of waiting until you graduate guarantees you’ll get the most out of this tool.

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