In the Aftermath of the Boston Bombings

The impact of the bombings earlier this week extends far beyond Boston. For some members of the CPCC community, this act of terrorism has a very personal dimension because they had loved ones in the area when the explosions occurred.  Yet even if you have no direct connection to the event, you may still feel the emotional shockwaves. Perhaps you were immediately transported back in time to 9/11/2001.  Or you may have been reminded of different losses and fears – seemingly unrelated things, but suddenly relived with a surprising intensity.  The devastation witnessed at the Boston Marathon has the potential to stir up fear, anxiety, anger, grief and a host of complex feelings in all of us.  These may be felt immediately, or we may have a delayed response.  This may occur as a passing thought or an overwhelming swell of emotion or anything in between.

CPCC’s office of Counseling Services invites any student who is affected by this attack to contact us and schedule a time to talk with a Counselor.  Our services are free and confidential, and we have offices at every campus.  To learn more about the College’s personal counseling services, visit us online.