2013 Spring Short Sessions, Enroll Today

CPCC offers multiple short sessions this spring, giving students another way to earn full academic credit. Students can take four-week classes at Levine Campus; eight-week classes at all campuses; and 12-week classes at Levine, Central and online.Short Session

The College’s short sessions will focus on those classes that are typically in highest demand at CPCC and tend to fill quickly; these include reading, math, English, nursing, and communications courses among others.

Get started
New Students – click here to Get Started

Returning students – watch the video below for instructions or follow these steps to see all available classes for the current term that start after today’s date

  1. Log onto MyCollege
  2. Click “register for sections”
  3. Choose “search and register for sections”
  4. Leave “select term” menu blank
  5. Enter today’s date in the “starting on/after date” text box
  6. Put last day of the last month of the term in  the “ending by” date
  7. Enter the course prefixes and numbers (ACA 118, ENG 112, MAT) of the courses you would like to take (entering course numbers is optional – if you do not enter numbers, entering MUS will show all available music courses)
  8. Choose whatever day/time preferences you have in the appropriate boxes
  9. Search
  10. Scroll through to find open sections (sections are alphabetical)

REMINDER: Tuition bills are due every Monday for anyone who registers the week prior.  If payment is not received by this date (and a financial aid award is in not in the system) students will be de-registered from their classes.

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  1. CPCC Blogger, could please post list of which classes are going to be in short session!!!

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