German Study Programs Offer Job, New Learning Opportunities

Did you know Charlotte is home to almost 250 companies from German-speaking Europe? These companies represent a variety of fields, including engineering, manufacturing and automotive; and are interested in employees with both aGerman Flag working knowledge of their industry and the German language.

This abundance of German-centric companies in the Queen City means job opportunities exist for individuals who are pursuing or have a degree/background in German.

CPCC recognizes this, which is why the College is expanding its German programs of study to include new and exciting academic courses, study abroad opportunities and innovative learning tracks, such as:
  • four levels of German language programs.
  • German classes, for the first time, at the CPCC Levine Campus.
  • a study abroad trip to Heidelberg, Germany, in July 2013. (Scholarships are available for this trip through the German Language and Culture Foundation.)
  • strong partnerships with local business and industry through its apprenticeship, mechatronics and IHK Karlsruhe programs.
To learn more about CPCC’s German programs of study, please contact Daniela Weinert at 704.330.6044 or at
To learn about Charlotte’s German companies and CPCC’s scholarship opportunities, please visit