Happy Counseling Awareness Month!

April is Counseling Awareness Month. In recognition of this month, Counseling Services will be responding to questions about counseling.Counselor

Q: How do I know when I should speak with a counselor?

Many people only consider counseling support when they’re in the middle of a crisis.  While we are certainly here to help students overcome the intense stress of difficult times, seeking counseling in times of lower stress is recommended, too.  When you learn coping skills to deal with troubling thoughts, feelings, or behaviors, you can prevent some crises from ever occurring – or at least lessen the impact when they do.  Think of it this way: You do not have to wait until you have a heart attack before you see a doctor about a heart condition. Similarly, by seeking counseling services at the first sign of a problem, you may be able to avoid more serious distress.

Additionally, counseling is not always about “fixing” something that’s not working. It is also a helpful way to enhance your life by building on your strengths. So, are there are any changes you would like to make personally or in school or work or in your relationships?  Then you’re encouraged to contact a counselor and explore new approaches to help you reach your goals.

Learn more information by visiting: http://www.cpcc.edu/ican/counseling/pcap.