Refunds at CPCC

The refund policy at CPCC is established by the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) and is subject to change without notice. CPCC will apply this policy without exception.Refund

● Curriculum Courses: The current refund policy allows a 100% refund of tuition paid for curriculum classes dropped prior to the first day of the academic term. A 75% refund is issued for curriculum classes dropped on or after the first day of the term through the 10% point of term. Tuition paid and applicable fees will be refunded 100% for classes cancelled by the College.

● Lab Fee, Student Activity Fee and Insurance: Appropriate lab fee amounts will be refunded if the class is cancelled by the College or the student drops a lab class during the 100% refund period. Student activity fees or student insurance are not refunded unless the class is cancelled by the College.

● CAPS Fee: Students who enroll in curriculum courses but officially drop all their courses prior to the first day of the academic semester will have the CAPS Fee refunded.

● Refunds: Students will receive a CPCC debit card from HigherOne upon initial registration if they have not received one previously.

PLEASE NOTE: The CPCC debit card is NOT a credit card. The purpose of the debit card is to provide a more efficient way to issue refunds to students. DO NOT THROW THE CARD AWAY. This card will be used for all refunds for financial aid and curriculum students. Please store the debit card in a safe place after activation in case you need it during your college career at CPCC.

For more information regarding the debit card, please visit the CPCC debit card website. If you have any questions regarding the CPCC debit card, please contact Higher One at 1.866.782.0821 or the cashiering office at 704.330.6964.