Drop/Add Notice

Please note that after the first day of spring term 2012:

  • If you use DROP/ADD to change sections of the same course, your bill may be adjusted.
  • If you are dropping and adding different courses, then you may owe a balance.
  • Please check your account balance after dropping/adding to ensure that you do not owe tuition or fees.

3 thoughts on “Drop/Add Notice

  1. The first line of the policy was posted incorrectly. It should have read that, “your bill may be adjusted.” This has been updated here.

  2. Agreed. And well said…I cannot even begin to explain the difficulties I’ve had with payment issues, classes being dropped from my schedule with no warning email to allow me to save them, and being denied financial aid due to a clerical issue at the fault of CPCC years ago that has still never been resolved. These are not only headaches, but will add at least another semester or more to my endeavor.

  3. This type of change is something that one would anticipate would have been provided with much MORE ADVANCE notice, provided decisions regarding ones sheculed must be made prior to encountering bills. What exactly is the rational for this last minute announced change? Provoided changes like this must or generally DO NOT occur until at least the first day of the class convening. Hence, the prior policy of changes during the first week of classes is much MORE of a REASONABLE expectation. Were students polled prior to invoking this type of mandatory change that impacts the student body, those affected, as a whole???

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