Construction Updates

CPCC has multiple construction/renovation projects underway on its Central and Harper Campuses. Here’s the hard hat news to keep you informed.Construction

Harper Campus
Construction work at the Harper Campus began in October. The project includes five separate phases, with two additions and three renovation areas. Being added are 12 new classrooms and a new construction lab. Renovations include classrooms, NDE labs and the welding lab. Most phases are scheduled for completion in July 2012. The NDE labs will be completed in October 2012. The design work is being handled by Jenkins Peer Architects.

Taylor Hall at Central Campus
Work on the Taylor Hall renovation and addition began in October. The project will result in Taylor adding new classrooms and offices as well as a new exercise/fitness room. It will also get a traditional brick facade facing Elizabeth Avenue. Demolition work is complete. All new footings are complete for the new space added to the front of the building. Steel erection will occur in January. Taylor is scheduled to reopen next summer. Morris Berg Architects is providing the design work.

Van Every (VE) Building at Central Campus
The Van Every (VE) building will come down to make room for a new four-story, 100,000 square-foot facility that will grace Elizabeth Avenue and the main quad with a traditional brick design.  A temporary construction fence has been installed around VE.  The construction fence will impact pedestrian sidewalk traffic on the quad side of the building, specifically the access ramp for persons with disabilities. To compensate for this inconvenience, a new ramp was constructed near the Learning Resource Center so that the quad may be accessed at all times by the entire student population. To see a visual representation of this change, please visit clickhere. The old VE ramp is closed and will be replaced as part of the new VE construction. Asbestos abatement will be completed in mid-January and the building will begin after the abatement is complete. Four of the six trees along Elizabeth Ave. will be removed when the demolition is completed in early March.

Student Intake Center to Move to Education Center
The College and Career Readiness Intake Center has moved to the Education Canter, located near the corner of 4th St. and Charlottetowne Ave. December 12. In addition to offering these important services, the location will continue to house Non-destructive Examination classes and labs.

Central Campus Parking Change
In January 2012, at the beginning of the spring 2012 semester, Lots 31 (located behind Central High) and 4 (located at the corner of Pease Lane and N. Kings) will be switched. Lot 4 will become Visitor Parking and will be designated as the designated parking lot for events at the Culinary Building. Lot 31 will become Student Parking.As a result of this change, Lot 4 will accept cash, credit cards, tokens and give receipts.