About Grace Cote

Gallery Coordinator for Pease, Ross, and BAG Galleries at Central Piedmont Community College.

de’Angelo Dia Artist Lecture

Exhibiting artist de’Angelo Dia lectured in Ross Gallery on Wednesday to an audience of enthusiastic students. During the talk, we learned that not only is Dia an accomplished visual artist, he is also an avid traveler who seeks to create dialogue everywhere he goes. The CPCC Art Galleries are honored to host such a multi-dimensional artist whose goal is to promote understanding of other people and cultures.

Keep up with Dia by reading his blog


Read a recent interview with HappeningsCLT


Friends & Family Spotlight: New Additions

We have had the great pleasure of selling over 200 art pieces within the first two weeks of the Friends & Family Market in Ross Gallery II. While we are extremely thankful that the community has supported this fundraiser, we know we have about a month to go, so we called in some reinforcements to fill our empty shelves. See our new additions to the market below.

The Market runs through December 18, open weekdays 9-5 p.m. and Saturdays 12-6 p.m.

Powder Studio
Artist Statement: Nathan Tucker and Stephen James design and manufacture hand cast porcelain and custom lighting fixtures in their studio in NoDa. “Every piece that leaves our studio has its own personality – size, shape, texture, color. No two pieces are ever exactly the same, and that’s what we love about it.”
Connection to CPCC: We are huge fans of CPCC’s contributions to Charlotte’s local art scene.
Donation to: Claybodies

Aaron Cote
Artist Statement: Drawings from an exploratory posture, typically investigating the intersection(s) of the built and natural environments.
Connection to CPCC: CPCC has some of the most interesting and progressive programming in town and I enjoy attending exhibitions and events.
Donation to: Visual Arts Club

Emily Runge Bast
Artist Statement: These gouache paintings represent my passion for imagination.
Connection to CPCC: Fan of the CPCC Arts Community!
Donation to: Visual Arts Club


Boxing Gym Opening Reception

Thanks to all of you who joined us for the opening reception of The Boxing Gym in Ross Gallery. Visitors enjoyed the artwork, which consists of one theme (a boxer before and after a defeat) explored through photographs, film, and poetry. In the first hour, artist de’Angelo Dia sat on a pedestal and listened to music while visitors mingled around him as if her were another art piece. He jumped up right at 6 p.m. to begin a reading of a fictional narrative inspired by the life of hyper successful boxers before transitioning to a riveting reinterpretation of a famous Mike Tyson interview (video of original interview here). After the performance, guests enjoyed a question and answer period.

If you’d like to learn more, please join us for Dia’s lecture on Wednesday, November 19 at 3 p.m. in the Ross Gallery.

The Boxing Gym in Creative Loafing

“The Boxing Gym” was featured in last week’s issue of Creative Loafing Charlotte. In the article,  author Emiene Wright interviews both artists, de’Angelo Dia and Shaun El C. Leonardo, and breaks down the elements of the show.

Excerpt from “The Boxing Gym Is a Shot to the Gut” by Emiene Wright:

Ali. Tyson. Mayweather. If you hold these names in reverence, the artists behind the latest exhibit at CPCC’s Ross Gallery are out to disabuse you of some very dear notions. The Boxing Gym, a multi-media installation by de’Angelo Dia and Shaun El C. Leonardo, uses nine photographs and an accompanying video to deconstruct the myths of masculinity surrounding the brutal ballet. The work pushes viewers to reconsider the violence ascribed to black male bodies, as well as the effect of our collective bloodlust.

Read the full article here.

Don’t forget we’re hosting a reception tonight from 5-7 p.m. in Ross Gallery I, and Dia will perform at 6. Hope to see you there!

Images from Friends & Family Market

We are sending out a big thank you to everyone who joined us at the Friends & Family Market Preview Party last Thursday night. With your support, we raised over $3000 in two hours.

We look forward to continuing the market through December 18, and replenishing inventory as we go. We are proud that this initiative supports both local artists as well as our student visual arts groups, and hope that you will join us by purchasing affordable art for your friends, family, or yourself.


9-5, Mon.-Fri.
12-6, Sat.

‘The Boxing Gym’ Is Now on View

Join us in Ross Gallery I to view “The Boxing Gym,” an exploration into the psyche of an African American athlete, on view through December 18.

Artists de’Angelo Dia and Shaun El C. Leonardo photography, film and poetry to explore the hype and demise of one boxer, examining the media and public’s contradictory desire to build up our heroes (specifically our athletes of colore) only to see them torn down. This boxer, once headed toward glory, is now a man who clearly did not live up to his potential. Photographed in the gym where he once trained, he and his environment are now a mere shell of the macho grandeur, aggression and intensity they once symbolized.

Join us for a reception with light refreshments on November 6 with de’Angelo Dia from 5-7 p.m. Dia will perform at 6 p.m.

10/30 – McColl Center Artist-to-Artist Talk

October 30, 2 p.m. in Tate Hall

CPCC will host current McColl Center for Art + Innovation residents for an artist-to-artist lecture, in which each artist speaks briefly about their own practice.  Lecturing artists include Austin Ballard, Betsy Birkner, Beverly McIver, Frank Selby, and Jessica Whitbread.

Important Road Closing! – Kings Ave.

The City of Charlotte has announced Kings Drive will be closed between 4th Street and 7th Street starting Oct. 18, and remained closed for several weeks, to install trolley car tracks at the intersection of Elizabeth Avenue and Kings.

This closure will have a major impact on vehicular traffic on and around Central Campus. The map below shows the traffic flow during the construction project.

The construction project will force students and employees to plan accordingly. Getting in and out of Central Campus parking areas likely will take more time.