Exhibitions Closing Soon!

We have two exhibits closing soon! Be sure to stop by and visit the Art Galleries. As of August 1, both of our current shows will be taken down to make way for the next exhibition. We have greatly enjoyed hosting Orr Ambrose’s The Invisible Landscape as well as our Archival Exhibit Our Stories.









Think back to last spring 2018. What did we have going on in the Ross Gallery? This was Felicia Van Bork’s exhibition color + color = space, courtesy of the Jerald Melberg Gallery. During Sensoria 2018, Ms Van Bork organized a group mural project at Levine Campus. Students came from all campuses to participate and work on a small piece of the mural that took up an entire wall. Originally, the mural was painted on a wall that was marked for demolition, but with a little luck and a little more organization we were able to save the entire mural! It is still on display at the Levine Campus in Matthews. Be sure to stop by and see it!

(Above is shown the mural in its planning stages and also in its finished form) 




Scrapbook Time!








One of our more engaging exhibits we have right now in the Overcash Gallery is our scrapbook. The Dental Hygiene Class of 2004 put together scrapbook for the graduation. Additionally, we have a Phi-Lamba scrapbook on display with tons of fun pop culture references from the early 2000s. Gallery visitors have enjoyed pulling on the white gloves and going through these delightful books. Some of our guests, who were around CP during this time, have even seen a few faces they recognized!


Here’s Your Sneak Peak!

We turn around exhibitions very quickly in the gallery and if you stopped by last week, you would have seen us busily installing not just one but two new exhibits for the summer! We are very excited to welcome Orr Ambrose and her exhibition The Invisible Landscape. As an accomplished artist, Orr Ambrose paints the landscapes that are unseen to the naked eye. Intrigued? Stop by today to check out her artworks and we will tell you more! The show will be open until August 1, 2019.

Orr has also been featured in the June 2019 edition of Carolina Arts!


For more information on Orr, please also follow the link below to view her website.


We are really excited to announce that we now have a second Gallery space named Overcash Gallery. It is located directly across the hall from our Ross Gallery. We worked with our Archivist, and pulled artifacts from the archives. The story is CPCC through the ages and highlights the evolution of our school logo.

A big shout out to all of our volunteers who helped us get both of these shows up! We appreciate you!



For all of you landscape lovers out there here is a classic scene for your enjoyment! This oil painting, “Shelf Cloud Release”, was done by Jennifer Bready. She has captured a marshland scene with clouds and a sunburst which illuminates the painting. What’s not to like? The Annual Juried Student Art Show has just a few more weeks left, so be sure to stop by before the last day!






Many of our students are multi-talented and submitted art in in different mediums. Highlighted in today’s post are three works currently on display in the Ross Gallery by Celia Elias. The first two many of our gallery visitors have found delightful, “Red Panda” and “Take Flight into the Sorrowful Night”, are both soft cut prints. The third, “Hidden Octopus Vessel”, is made out of clay. This piece, especially when viewed in person, gives the impression that an octopus is about to emerge from the jar at any moment.

There are only a few more weeks left until show comes down so be sure to stop by soon!


Light is an illusive subject that many artists try to depict in different ways. It is a poetic concept of light illuminating the darkness to make the unseen seen. This is challenging to portray, but when achieved it is very rewarding to the artist and the viewer. If you have stopped by the Ross Gallery to visit the Annual Juried Student Art Show, you will have noticed photography done by some of our talented students. Highlighted in this post are two photographs “Lustrous Glory” and “Burnout” by Tanner Sebren, who has successfully captured the beauty of natural and artificial light with his lens.

Goose or Teapot?

At glance, it looks like any other ceramic goose, but upon further inspection it is so much more than that. One of the challenges our ceramic students had to face was creating a teapot that was not necessarily the traditional teapot shape. This teapot, titled “Goose” by Timothy Boardman, is striking outcome of that challenge. We will let you all use your imagination in figuring out where the teapot spout is. It is also not the only teapot we have on display in the Ross Gallery so be sure to swing by between classes to admire the hard work of our students!

Metal Magic

Not everyone knows this, but one of the many good things we have going on here in the CPCC art department is our jewelry making class! Done for us here by Tim Huntley, we have the two pieces “Rings” and “Copper Garden”. Both are beautiful examples of how metal can manipulated to create something spectacular.